Welcome to Teleskope

A Modern Data Security Challenge

Businesses today manage petabytes of data, sprawling across hundreds of different data stores and third party SaaS providers. As data permeates into every corner of the organization, and with every employee producing and ingesting more, it is becoming impossible for engineering, data, and security teams to keep up and secure their exponentially growing data, as well as comply with ever-evolving privacy regulations.


Teleskope is building a platform to automate data protection at scale, from detection to remediation and prevention.

Our platform seamlessly monitors cloud and SaaS data stores to provide a comprehensive inventory of assets, hidden or otherwise, alongside associated security and compliance risks. Our classification engine, powered by a multi-model machine learning engine, adapts to your unique environment, identifying sensitive data and any associated personas, such as employees or customers.

Teleskope can automatically enforce compliance requirements, redact sensitive data or remediate security vulnerabilities directly at the source, and allows your developers to implement any custom security or privacy protocols through our open apis, helping to shift security left and reduce the manual overhead on security and engineering teams.

Use Cases

Data Classification

Teleskope can classify personal and sensitive data in your structured and unstructured data stores, and across all file formats (pdfs, images, parquet, csv, etc.). Teleskope detects over 150 distinct entity types, and can be trained to detect custom elements unique to your environment.

Data Redaction

Teleskope can redact or anonymize personal or sensitive information from any piece of data, to prevent sensitive data from being stored in the first place, or to redact it from persisted storage and clean up unwanted and unnecessary PII. Teleskope’s redaction can be automated using pre-defined policies, or by plugging our redact API directly into your code. We support the following redaction mechanisms: replacing with the entity type, masking characters, encryption while maintaining referential integrity, and replacing with fake data of the same entity type.

AI Governance

Teleskope enables the safe and transparent adoption of AI across your organization. Teleskope can prevent sensitive data from being used during training or inference. Teleskope can also govern your entire machine learning ecosystem, from discovering in-house or third-party models used in production, detecting model-data relationships, to protecting the underlying training data to reduce your AI attack surface.

Data Security Posture Management

Teleskope helps organizations maintain a strong security posture by constantly monitoring and evaluating their on-premise or cloud data stores and third party vendors, pinpointing where personal and sensitive data is stored, and detecting and remediating any security and privacy vulnerabilities. Teleskope’s security findings are mapped to security standards, such as NIST, SOC2, PCI-DSS, CIS, and ISO.

Data Subject Rights Requests

Teleskope can automate data subject rights requests end-to-end by leveraging its data classification findings and integrating with third party vendors for user data deletion, access, and portability. This eliminates gaps and saves time and cost stemming from manual audits.

Regulatory Compliance

Teleskope automatically identifies what compliance or privacy regulation your company falls under, such as GDPR, PIPEDA, or CPPA, and continuously monitors your cloud data stores and infrastructure for any compliance violations including gaps in data subject rights requests or issues with data residency, backup and recovery.