Policy Maker

Remediate your data as its discovered

Policy Maker is Teleskope's event-driven remediation platform that incorporates if-then conditional response logic.

First, name your policy and choose a cloud - datastore combo. Then, create your policy conditions.

Policy Conditions:

When the following event happens:
Here, Teleskope offers a list of events like the discovery of a new classification or issue.

If these filters match:
Policy Maker can address individual issue severities, element classifications, or specific troublesome tables among a host of other criteria. Mix and match criteria in order to receive alerts or act upon more concerning events.

Then perform these actions:
Teleskope gives a range of response options, from sending a message in Slack and creating a Jira ticket, to outright redacting the offending data. Security is a precarious field to be in, so where possible, we optionally allow for humans-in-the-loop.

Datastore and action coverage:

We enable Policy Maker on any and all datastores we provide connectors for. Conditional criteria and action options between datastores may vary depending on what the underlying stores enable. Some data stores more readily allow us to redact and restore data, while others are more forthcoming around creating and acting on tags.