Google Drive

Connect Teleskope to your Google Drive


Set up Domain Wide DelegationYour Google company URL
Create Super Admin userYour Google email address

Setup Domain Wide Delegation

  1. Go to Security > Access and Data Control > API Controls > Domain Wide Delegation (manage domain wide delegation) > Add New
  2. Enter the unique service account ID provided by Teleskope
  3. Under Scopes, please input the following scopes separated by a comma. We need these scopes to be able to scan personal and shared drives:

Create Teleskope Super Admin User

  1. In your Admin Console, go to Add New User and create a new Teleskope user
  2. In your Admin Console, go to Directory > Users, select the Teleskope user
  3. Click Admin Roles and Privileges, and set Super Admin to that user
  4. Share the email of the Super Admin user (ex. [email protected]) created above with Teleskope.