Google Workspace

Connect Teleskope to your Google Workspace

Grant Teleskope Access to your Google Workspace via Domain Wide Delegation

  1. Go to Security > Access and Data Control > API Controls > Domain Wide Delegation (manage domain wide delegation) > Add New
  2. Enter the unique service account ID provided by Teleskope
  3. Under Scopes, please input the following scopes separated by a comma. We need these scopes to be able to scan personal and shared drives.,
  4. In your Admin Console, go to Add New User and create a new Teleskope user
  5. In your Admin Console, go to Directory > Users, select the Teleskope user
  6. Click Admin Roles and Privileges, and set Super Admin to that user
  7. Share the email of the Super Admin user (ex. [email protected]) created above with Teleskope.