Teleskope's deployment models fall into three categories: Single-Tenant SaaS, Teleskope Managed On Prem Deployment and Self-Managed Deployment

Single-Tenant SaaS

Our Single-Tenant SaaS model is fully managed and operated by Teleskope. Once you create an account, Teleskope spins up an isolated AWS account, and deploys a dedicated Teleskope instance. This ensures that your data never gets commingled or shared, and also allows any custom security and infrastructure configurations to be applied, without the operational or cost overhead.

On-Prem Teleskope Managed Deployment

Our on-prem Teleskope Managed deployment model is fully managed and operated by Teleskope, but deployed within an isolated account or project within your organization. This ensures that you are the owner of the account, and that your data never leaves your environment, but without the operational overhead.

On-Prem Self Managed Deployment

Teleskope can be deployed and operated on a your own infrastructure. Follow the deployment instructions corresponding to your cloud provider.